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These booking conditions and sales govern the relationship between
Yachting Events and its clients, beneficiaries Event.

The confirmation of a booking implies acceptance of terms and conditions of bookings and sales as set out below - below.

Article 1


The rates for services provided by Yachting Events are applicable to

The booking of a service implies acceptance of these terms and conditions are available at the latest by sending the reservation agreement and demand deposit.

A benefit is considered to be definitively confirmed that payment of the deposit and receipt of the proposed book signed and marked "agreed".

Participants and group leaders say they are aware of the rights and obligations of each party.

Article 2


Our prices are inclusive prices in Euros (€) per person or lump sum for all the services offered.

In case of fixed prices, prices generally apply to the services reserved.

Rates confirmed the tentative agreement are fixed for three months from the date of shipment, subject to change without notice in case of change in tax rates or price adjustment to an external provider.

Article 3


Invoices are issued in euros and must be paid in Euros (€).

Yachting Events does not support or exchange fees or transfer fees.

The entire amount of the benefit (balance) should be submitted at the end of the service, by check payable to Yachting Events.

As part of a timeout to pay the final invoice, Yachting Events reserves the right to charge interest at the rate of 1.5% per month.

Yachting Events reserves the right to cancel any reservation if no settlement according to the timetable set in our conditions below - below.

Article 4


In case of cancellation of Yachting Events from one or all of the benefits in a case of force majeure, a full refund of money paid is guaranteed.

Article 5


All claims must be received by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within 30 days after the end of the service or event at the headquarters of Yachting Events, 9 Chemin des Cuete, the Janots 13260 Cassis.

Article 6



A) Reservation groups:
The reservation is made at our services and is subject to a booking confirmation.
It becomes effective upon receipt of the booking confirmation together with a deposit of 30% of the total amount of the benefit.

If the return of this document, the receipt of the deposit
implies total acceptance of the customer to these terms.

B) Group Rates:
Our rates are applied to all participants, including chaperones and drivers (not free).

C) Conditions of cancellation or partial cancellation
Any cancellation or modification of the service will be notified by letter or email and will result in the payment of compensation as follows:

  • Between the date of payment of the deposit and 90 days before the scheduled beginning of the service, an allowance equal to 20% of the amount of deposits as calculated above - will be due by the customer.
  • Between 89 days and 30 days: 50% of the installments.
  • Between 29 days and 7 days: the total amount of deposits.
  • Between 6 days and 2 days: 50% of the amount of benefits reserved.
  • Between 2 days and the expected date of delivery, or if the customer does not show 100% of the total services booked will be due by the Customer.

Any change must be a written request and agreement from Yachting Events, will be treated as a partial result and the perception of a cancellation fee according to the schedule above -.

Any benefit voluntarily abandoned by a participant is not subject to any refund.

D) Decreased number of
In case of partial cancellation of up to 5% of the reserve, cancellations will be granted provided that the customer is notified by mail, fax or mail, the service reservation within 20 days before the date Start the service.

E) Force Majeure
If weather not suitable for outdoor practice: rain, wind, fire risk, Yachting Events notify customers by mail or other means at its option of canceling the service and refund the deposits paid.

F) Requirements Before and insurance.
The customer makes his case of any statement or any request for authorization with organizations and / or administrations.
In no event Yachting Events will be held responsible for failure of these statements.
The client must inform Yachting Events cons of all-medical indications for the practice of a sport (respiratory problems, heart ...).
Yachting Events, uni-personal business is managed by the Professional Liability Insurance (organization) purchased from ALLIANZ over all these providers are subject to a professional liability.
Yachting Events can not be held
responsible for any incident outside the grip of the group and its delivery.
In case of exposure of materials or valuables, we recommend the customer to purchase, at its expense, damage and theft insurance

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