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Nautical rally

Nautical rally

A course scattered with embuches

You look for an original activity for your company seminar ?
Did you think of organizing a nautical rally by boat ?

We offer the possibility to live this adventure in a unique frame

It is by means of Road-book, compass and a map that the teams follow the road to find the enigmae.
It will be necessary to show guile and cohesion to find the treasure before the others... Organize a treasure hunt is the opportunity to make live to your teams a fabulous risk sowed with embuches in an idyllic frame !

Photo Gallery Nautical rally

1-18-2-3.jpg Carte-Tresor-2-3-3.jpg Cassis-Calanques-3-3.jpg First-40-3-3.jpg plage-2-3-3.jpg voilier1-2-3-3.jpg