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Ketch Aurique 1947

Ketch Aurique 1947

An old ship of 32 meters

On board you will find a warm welcome and attentive crew who with patience and humor, will share the pleasures of the world of the sea, sailing and classic maneuvers to make your stay unforgettable.

The two majestic towers offer a large open deck and a spacious saloon while the breathtaking landscapes of the Riviera and Blue Coast, the Creeks of Cassis, the Bay of Marseille and its islands ... will make a scenery except for all your events a day time, evening, weekend or longer.

- Sail the high seas armed trade (NUC)
- Rig: gaff ketch
- Sail area: 400 m2
- Length: 32 m overall
- Width: 6.40 m
- Teak deck: 100 m2
- Draught: 2.70 m
- Displacement: 100 t
- Engine 260 Hp
- Annex 30 Hp engine
- Generator of 9 Kva
- Electricity 220-24-12V
- Ability to cover the bridge to the wharf or landing

- Navigation in: 27 people
- Cruise (with sleeping): 13 to 18 people
- Shore: 80 people (on deck)
- In saloon (living inside) of 30m2: 26 people at the table
- Simple and comfortable cabins (see map)
- Bathroom / WC
- Kitchen
- Cold storage of large capacity

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