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Yacht Cruise

A cruise on a yacht, driving enjoyment for all !

Move yacht during his stay on the Riviera is not only for the elite!
Feel free to ask us about our fleet of engines, rigid, semi-rigid, anyone can access the pleasure of sailing and visiting the offshore islands.

Cruise day yacht Cruise day yacht

A relaxing moment, a moment of escape, the day yacht meets that need ...

"The sea is without roads, the sea is no explanation ..." Take it with a yacht, it is the experience in terms of excellence ... (...)

Cruising Yacht weekend Cruising Yacht weekend

A weekend comfort, speed, discovery assured !

How about a weekend at sea on a yacht ... as a family, with friends, the yacht can escape fast, user-friendliness combined with the (...)

Cruising Yacht week Cruising Yacht week

At home, but on the sea and no neighbors ...

A week’s holiday in exceptional circumstances, with all staff on board, you will enjoy this unforgettable, magical visits to the program (...)

15 days Cruising Yacht 15 days Cruising Yacht

The time to find places where you have to drop anchor ...

Une quinzaine de jours sur un yacht permet de savourer pleinement tout ce que la région peut vous offrir, du levé au couché du soleil, (...)