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Racing sailboats

Yachting Events offers a wide range of yachts suited to participate in regattas in the region under the best conditions

Med Spirit Med Spirit

A sailboat capable of reaching 30 nodes under sail

The 30m yacht is mainly composed of carbon, it is available from Marseille to Monaco and participates in the most prestigious regattas (...)

IMS 75’ IMS 75’

IMS racing yacht 75 'Open carbon available for charter with skipper.

This old boat of Team Nokia suede you will discover the pleasure of sailing. You will particularly enjoy the sensations in his broad (...)

First 45 First 45

Allied shipping in the beauty ...

Even unashamedly beautiful and daringly perfect even than its predecessor the FIRST 50. Its lines are clean, tight. Its roof is (...)

Monotypes Selection 37 Monotypes Selection 37

Between cruising and racing, a yacht with character

We can bring together 37 to 15 selections on the same event. Lightweight canvas, rather short and narrow at the waterline, the (...)

First 40 First 40

Performance on the sea ...

Faithful to the first 40.7, the First 40 sign his membership in the new generation of great First: it is elegant and refined. Designed (...)