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For a custom event

According to your specifications Yachting Events suits project a realistic and original.

Dinners on the sea Dinners on the sea

We handle everything !

Embark on a sailboat or a yacht for your dinners and evenings at sea A specialized team will be to your pampering while the crew will (...)

Events on land Events on land

Sensational panoramas

After your seminar boating, team building, treasure hunt or racing, consider the icing on the cake ... Delight your employees, (...)

Dance floor on an island Dance floor on an island

A real "party" in the open sea !

Our unique formula allows you to privatize an island and to organize a real evening only accessible by sea! Fortin has an outdoor (...)

Evening Concert Evening Concert

The Music-live on the sea or on land !

A private mini show-case: real concert dedicated to your business event! A selection of artists, bands and orchestras professionals (...)

DJ DJ "Lounge Music"

Evenings in rhythm

A nightclub at sea, an evening DJ on a maxi-catamaran, atmosphere "Lounge" on the model-Hotel Costes ! We assure you a special events (...)

Spectacles and Cabarets Spectacles and Cabarets

The Dance live with your evening

Modern and prestigious cabaret shows, we offer a variety of shows as diverse and varied. On board vessels at sea or on land in (...)